Sunday, June 21, 2009

There is only a finite amount of time before a choice is made. Choices made are only satisficing, which is natural. People make conscious choices. You chose one thing over others. I chose something else. When you advise me to settle down in the US, or when I ask you to move to India, we are talking the same amount of sense. Or nonsense. A choice might lead to more success than projected; or one might grow to regret the choice. Consequences are known a posteriori. That is also pointless. What really matters is that one has/had choices, and one makes a conscious choice by taking time, thinking hard, discussing with people that matter, seeking divine intervention, whatever else. You made yours that way. I made mine that way. When that is the case, let's not bother about comparing our choices. Choice. That's that.

One does not create/organize/make priorities. One does not prioritize. One simply has priorities. As David Allen says in GTD, and I agree, "you don't manage priorities—you have them." Making a lot of money might not be mine, taking risks might not be yours. Let's not start questioning each other's priorities. It's stupid.

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